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John Grisham Books in OrderName: John Ray Grisham, Jr.
Born: 8 February, 1955
Place of birth: Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA
Resides: Oxford, Mississippi, USA
First book: Time to Kill
Previous employment: tax lawyer
Fun fact #1: Time to Kill was inspired by hearing the story of a young girl while he was hanging around the courthouse in 1984.
Fun fact #2: Time to Kill was rejected by numerous publishers, since when John has sold nearly 300 million books.
Awards (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Distinguished Author Award
  • Harper Lee Legal Fiction Award
  • Galaxy British Book Lifetime Achievement Award

John Grisham Book List & Suggested Book Order

John Grisham Books in Order
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Standalone Novels
The Pelican BriefAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The ClientAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The ChamberAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The RainmakerAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The Runaway JuryAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The PartnerAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The Street LawyerAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The TestamentAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The BrethrenAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
A Painted HouseAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Skipping ChristmasAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The SummonsAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The King of TortsAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
BleachersAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The Last JurorAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The BrokerAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Playing for PizzaAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The AppealAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The AssociateAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The ConfessionAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The LitigatorsAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Calico JoeAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The RacketeerAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Gray MountainAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Rogue LawyerAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The Rooster BarAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The ReckoningAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The GuardiansAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
SooleyAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The Boys from BiloxiAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N

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Lacy Stoltz Books in Order
The WhistlerAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The Judge's ListAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Camino Books in Order
Camino IslandAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Camino WindsAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Jake Brigance Books in Order
A Time to KillAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Sycamore RowAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
A Time for MercyAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Sparring PartnersAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The Firm Books in Order
The FirmAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The ExchangeAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Short Works
Ford CountyAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Quiet HavenAmazon USUK




The TumorAmazon USUKCAAU



B & N
PartnersAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Witness to a TrialAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Theodore Boone Books in Order
Kid LawyerAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The AbductionAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The AccusedAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The ActivistAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The FugitiveAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The ScandalAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The AccompliceAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Nonfiction Books
The Innocent ManAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
By the BookAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N

John Grisham Interview

Author John Grisham reveals his writing schedule – not just what time of day he writes, but what time of year he prefers – and the one thing he must have before he writes one word of the first scene of a new book.

John Grisham Biography

John Grisham was born on the 8th of February, 1955, which was a Tuesday. For those readers interested in all things astrological, that makes him an Aquarius, which is an Air sign.

John was born in Jonesboro, a college town with a population of around 72,000, in Arkansas, which is a landlocked state in the south of the United States of America. He was the second of five children born to a construction worker father called John and a homemaker mother called Wanda. When he was four years old, the family moved to DeSoto County, which is about 90 miles further south, but is in the state of Mississippi. He was raised on a cotton farm, which wasn’t a profitable industry at that time, so things were tough for the Grisham family. His father later moved into construction, working seven days a week to get his family on its feet.

As a teenager, he took on a number of jobs, including working as a sales clerk in a department store, undertaking basic gardening, and working with an asphalt crew.

He was schooled at Northwest Mississippi Community College in Senatobia, Mississippi, and after swapping and changing colleges a number of times, one being Delta State University, he finally…

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Why Read the John Grisham Theodore Boone Series in Order?

John Grisham has had numerous books turned into movies, including The Firm (which starred Tom Cruise), The Pelican Brief, (Julia Roberts took the lead role) and The Runaway Jury (which pitted Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman against each other in a courtroom battle). Jake Brigance and Theodore Boone make up the two series he’s launched. While the majority of John's success comes from his standalone novels for the adult fiction market, his children's books are also immensely popular.

This John Grisham book list not only gives all the John Grisham books in chronological order, but will let you see the characters develop and witness events at the correct time, just as John intended.

So, if you've ever dreamed of finding the John Grisham book order, or  the Theodore Boone book order, here they both are.


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