Quiz - Thriller Master Challenge


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Quiz - Thriller Master Challenge

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Thriller Master Challenge

Quiz - Thriller Master Challenge

If you love reading thrillers, you’re going to love my Thriller Master Challenges.

  • Discover how much you really know about the books you love.
  • Show off your expertise to your friends.
  • Enjoy the fast-paced challenge.

What Do You Win?

Is it really the 'taking part' that matters?


Or is it all about winning a super cool trophy?

I think we both know the answer to that question, don't we!

Quiz - Thriller Master Challenge

As if winning a super cool trophy isn't enough, when you take the Thriller Master Challenge...

  • You get featured on the Thriller Master Leaderboard.
  • You get to collect a host of different trophies.
  • You get bragging rights to your Facebook and Twitter friends about how well you did.

Have You Read the Best Thriller Series?

Questions come from a range of the best thriller series ever written – questions about authors, about series, about characters. If you know thrillers, you’ve got this nailed. Maybe!

(Don’t worry – to avoid spoilers ruining books you haven’t yet read, the questions don’t involve plot elements or character arcs.)

The Clock is Ticking

Think you've got this in the bag?

Maybe I should have said...

This is against the clock – you have only two minutes.

And you get only one attempt at each challenge.

That means:

  • No time to google answers.
  • No time to phone a friend.
  • No checking the answers, then trying again later.

15 Questions.

2 Minutes.

1 Shot.


Then buckle up and click to play!

Thriller Master Challenge 1

Thriller Master Challenge 2

Thriller Master Challenge 3

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