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Richard Castle Books in OrderName: Richard Alexander Rodgers
Born: April 1, 1969
Place of birth: USA
Resides: New York City, USA
First book: In a Hail of Bullets
Fun fact #1: actor Nathan Fillion plays Richard Castle who is a novelist in the TV show Castle. Nathan even goes on book tours “in character”.
Fun fact #2: It is not widely known who writes the Richard Castle books, but rumors suggest it could be Tom Straw or Brad Parks, or both.

Richard Castle Book List & Suggested Book Order

Richard Castle Books in Order
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Nikki Heat Books in Order
Heat WaveAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Naked HeatAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Heat RisesAmazon USUKCAAUiBooks


B & N
Frozen HeatAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Deadly HeatAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Raging HeatAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Driving HeatAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
High HeatAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Heat StormAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Crashing HeatAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N

Derrick Storm Books in Order
A Brewing StormAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
A Raging StormAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
A Bloody StormAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Storm FrontAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Wild StormAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Heat StormAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Derrick Storm Graphic Novels
Deadly StormAmazon USUKCAAUiBooks


B & N
Storm SeasonAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
A Calm Before the StormAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Unholy StormAmazon USUKCAAUiBooks


B & N

Richard Castle Video

In the TV show, author Richard Castle reveals how he has a cheeky sense of humour – this short video exemplifies that. Watch the creator of the Nikki Heat series and Derrick Storm series strut his stuff. You go, Rick!

Richard Castle Biography

Richard Castle was born on the 1st of April in 1969, which was a Tuesday, and of course, April Fools’ Day. For those readers interested in all things astrological, that makes him an Aries, which is one of the Fire signs.

Castle is the son of television and Broadway actress Martha Rodgers and an intelligence agent named Jackson Hunt. Because he father was absent, Castle was given his mother’s surname and raised by her. The fact that he was born on April Fools’ Day was a running joke between Castle and his mother, so much so that, on his birthday, she used to joke with him that he was adopted. It’s no surprise that Martha was an actress as she came from a performing background – her parents had a mind-reading act on Coney Island.

Castle was raised in New York City, which is in New York, a state on the Eastern seaboard of the United States of America. Because his mother was a working actress, he was looked after by nannies, many of which are reported to have had problems with alcohol.

As a kid, he was regularly dumped at the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue in Midtown, Manhattan. This resulted in two things – firstly, Castle came to love books and writers, and secondly, he learned how to speed read. When not in the library, Castle was invariably…

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Why Read Richard Castle Book Series in Order?

There's a saying that claims that the truth is stranger than fiction. It's a cliché, but that doesn't mean it's never true!  Case in point - Richard Castle doesn't exist and yet he's a successful writer with a string of bestselling novels and fans right around the globe. The Nikki Heat series and Derrick Storm series were spawned from the TV show Castle, in which Rick Castle and Kate Beckett investigate crimes in New York City, Rick being a successful author who "temporarily" joined Detective Beckett's police team to undertake research for his novels. The show was so successful that the fictional author is having a highly successful real-life career.

As if that isn't strange enough, this fictional author has some very cool friends - the Castle poker buddies - who just happen to be world famous authors in real life. The thriller and mystery writers who have appeared on Castle include James Patterson, Steven J. Cannell, Dennis Lehane, and Michael Connelly.

This Richard Castle book list gives all the Richard Castle books in chronological order, so lets you see the characters develop and witness events at the correct time, just as Richard intended.

So, if you're hunting for the Richard Castle book order, or the Nikki Heat series in order, here's everything you need.

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