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Steve Berry Books in OrderName: Steven Berry
Born: 2nd September, 1955
Place of birth: Georgia, USA
Resides: St. Augustine, Florida, USA
First book: The Amber Room
Previous employment: lawyer
Fun fact #1: Steve received 85 rejections from ‘publishing experts’ before finding one who liked his work.
Fun fact #2: Steve works tirelessly to preserve endangered historic treasures.
Awards (not an exhaustive list):

  • Royden B. Davis Distinguished Author Award
  • Anne Frank Human Writes Award
  • International Thriller Writers’ Silver Bullet Award

Steve Berry Book List & Suggested Book Order

Steve Berry Books in Order
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Steve Berry Interview

Author Steve Berry answers a series of quick fire questions, including picking his favourite novel, where he writes, and how he plans his work to be able to continue his Cotton Malone series.

Steve Berry Biography

Steve Berry was born on the 2nd of September in 1955, which was a Friday. For those readers interested in all things astrological, that makes him an Virgo, which is one of the Earth signs.

Steve was born and raised in Atlanta, which has a massive population of nearly six million in the metro area and is in Georgia, which is a state in the south of the United States of America. Steve’s father was called Harold Earl Berry and yet everyone called him Sam. His father had a large collection of books which he kept in the basement, which just happened to be Steve’s favorite hang out as a kid. Sam had played pro basketball but had given it up when he got married and had Steve. As a family man, he was a salesman who worked away from home Monday to Friday, which meant Steve could spend as much time as he liked undisturbed in the basement to read books. (In case you haven’t twigged – Harold Earl Malone is Cotton Malone’s real name).

Virtually nothing is known about Steve’s early life. We next catch up with him when he’s decided to further his education. Steve attended Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University, one of the oldest law schools in the whole of the United States. It’s in Georgia, in a city called Macon, which is almost right in the center of the state, the metro area of which has a population of around 231,000. Having graduated from a law school with a degree in law, it’s only to be expected that Steve would pursue a career as a lawyer, and that’s exactly what he did. For the 30 years. During this time, he also held elective office for 14 years.

So where did writing come into all this?

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Why Read the Steve Berry Cotton Malone Series in Order?

Steve was born in Georgia, USA, in 1955. While he has a number of standalone novels and short stories, and has dabbled in nonfiction, it's his series that fires up his fans - the Cotton Malone books, which feature Cotton, a one-time top operative for the U.S. Justice Department. In fact, it fires up his fans so much, he's sold over 20 million books worldwide!

This Steve Berry book list not only gives all the Steve Berry books in chronological order, but will let you see the characters develop and witness events at the correct time, just as Steve intended.

So, if you're hungry for the Steve Berry book order, or a list of the Cotton Malone novels in order, here you go!

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