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Steve N Lee author photoWelcome to Series Books In Order where you'll find info on all the best thriller authors and their books.

I’m Steve N. Lee and I love thrillers so much that I actually write them for a living! (That’s why there are titles from my Angel of Darkness Series dotted about this site – book sales help to cover running costs.)

As a thriller reader, one thing I often noticed was how difficult it was to keep track of which book came next in many series by the best thriller authors. I’m sure you’ve found the same problems: books not numbered, prequels released mid-series, misleading publication dates...

Long story short – making lists was the answer. One thing led to another and the result is this website. Here you'll find lists of the best reading order for all the best thriller series and best thriller novels by all the best thriller authors.

All the Best Thriller Authors in One Place

So, if ever you’ve wanted…

... you'll discover all that and much, much more on Series Books In Order.

So whether you’re searching for the best crime thrillers, the best action thrillers, the best suspense thrillers, the best legal thrillers, the best detective thrillers, the best mystery thrillers… basically, anything by any of the best thriller authors – you’ll find everything you need here.

Quite simply, Series Books In Order has more top rated thrillers by more top thriller writers than most people could ever read*. So, you better get cracking!

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*If you read a book a week, it will take you approximately 100 years to read all the books listed on this site!

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