Tami Hoag Books in Order

Tami Hoag Books in OrderName: Tami Mikkelson
Born: 20 January, 1959
Place of birth: Cresco, Iowa, USA
Resides: USA
First book: The Trouble With J.J.
Previous employment: photographer’s assistant
Fun fact #1: Tami read some of her work at one of Barbara Bush’s literary nights at the White House.
Fun fact #2: Tami likes to go horse riding whenever she’s stuck on one of her books.
Awards (not an exhaustive list):

  • Reviewers’ Choice Award’s Reviewers’ Choice Award 2007.

Tami Hoag Book List & Suggested Book Order

Kovac and Liska Books in Order
Ashes to AshesAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Dust to DustAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Prior Bad Acts*Amazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The 1st VictimAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The 9th GirlAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The Bitter SeasonAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Quaid Horses Books in Order
Rumor Has ItAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Man of Her DreamsAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
TempestuousAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Rainbow Chasers Books in Order
Heart of GoldAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Keeping CompanyAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Reilly's ReturnAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
MagicAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Doucet Books in Order
The Restless HeartAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Lucky's LadyAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Cry WolfAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
A Thin Dark LineAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Deer Lake Books in Order
Night SinsAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Guilty as SinAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Elena Estes Books in Order
Dark HorseAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The Alibi ManAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Oak Knoll Books in Order
Deeper than the DeadAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Secrets to the GraveAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Down the Darkest RoadAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Standalone Novels
The Trouble with J.J.Amazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
McKnight in Shining ArmorAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
MismatchAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Straight from the HeartAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Sarah's SinAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Heart of DixieAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Still WatersAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Taken by StormAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The Last White KnightAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Dark ParadiseAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Kill the MessengerAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Cold Cold HeartAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The BoyAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N

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*This book has different titles. Full details

Tami Hoag Interview

Kovac and Liska series author,Tami Hoag answers questions on many things including how she creates her characters, one of which she considers to be the weather because her stories are set in harsh environments.

Why Read the Tami Hoag Kovac and Liska Series in Order?

As a number of her contemporaries did, Tami Hoag cut her teeth writing romance books. Today, it's her thrillers that hit the spot for readers, both her standalone novels and her series, such as the Oak Knoll books, the Deer Lake books and the Elena Estes series (cozy mysteries). However, her most popular creation by far is the Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska series, with six novels in the series to date.

This Tami Hoag book list not only gives all the Tami Hoag books in chronological order, but will let you see the characters develop and witness events at the correct time, just as Tami intended.

So, if you're trying to trace a Tami Hoag series list, or a list of the Kovac and Liska series in order, you need the most comprehensive book list available, which includes a check list, alternative titles, page counts, movie adaptations, co-authors, star ratings, and a host of other features, plus:

  • Kovac and Liska series in order
  • Kovac and Liska short stories in order
  • Oak Knoll books in order
  • Elena Estes, Deer Lake, Doucet... everything
  • a complete list of standalone novels

Get Tami Hoag Books In Order.


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