Jonathan Kellerman Books in Order

Jonathan Kellerman Books in OrderName: Jonathan Kellerman
Born: 9 August, 1949
Place of birth: New York City, New York, USA
Resides: Los Angeles, California, USA
First book: Psychological Aspects of Childhood Cancer
Previous employment: guitar tutor
Fun fact #1: Jonathan is married to Faye Kellerman who is famous for her own crime novels.
Fun fact #2: Jonathan can get into the heads of his character to bring great depth to them because he is a qualified clinical psychologist.
Awards (not an exhaustive list):

  • Anthony Award
  • Edgar Award

Jonathan Kellerman Book List & Suggested Book Order

Jonathan Kellerman Books in Order
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Alex Delaware Books in Order
When The Bough BreaksAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Blood TestAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Over The EdgeAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Silent PartnerAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Time BombAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Private EyesAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Devil's WaltzAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Bad LoveAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Self-DefenseAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The WebAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The ClinicAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Survival of the FittestAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
MonsterAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Dr. DeathAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Flesh and BloodAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The Murder BookAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
A Cold HeartAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
TherapyAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
RageAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
GoneAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
ObsessionAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
CompulsionAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
BonesAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
EvidenceAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
DeceptionAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
MysteryAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
VictimsAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
GuiltAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
KillerAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
MotiveAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
BreakdownAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Heartbreak HotelAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Night MovesAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The Wedding GuestAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The Museum of DesireAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
SerpentineAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N

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Alex Delaware Graphic Novels
Silent PartnerAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The WebAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
MonsterAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Petra Connor Books in Order
Survival of the FittestAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Billy StraightAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
A Cold HeartAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
TwistedAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
ObsessionAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Jacob Lev Books in Order
The Golem of HollywoodAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The Golem of ParisAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Clay Edison Books in Order
Crime SceneAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
A Measure of DarknessAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Half Moon BayAmazon USUKCAAU




Standalone Novels
The Butcher's TheaterAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The Conspiracy ClubAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Double HomicideAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Capital CrimesAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
True DetectivesAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The Murderer's DaughterAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Short Works
Daddy, Daddy, Can You Touch the Sky?Amazon USUKCAAU



B & N
Diagnosis DeadAmazon USUKCAAU



B & N
The Right Thing to DoAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Nonfiction Books
Psychological Aspects of Childhood CancerAmazon USUKCAAU



B & N
Helping the Fearful ChildAmazon USUKCAAU



B & N
Savage SpawnAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
Expertise and ResearchAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The Best American Crime Reporting 2008Amazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
With Strings AttachedAmazon USUKCAAU



B & N
The LineupAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N
The Strat in the AtticAmazon USUKCAAUiBooksKoboB & N

Jonathan Kellerman Interview

Author Jonathan Kellerman talks about his inspiration for the Alex Delaware series of thrillers, most specifically about the characters and crimes that he enjoys featuring in his books.

Jonathan Kellerman Biography

Jonathan Kellerman was born on the 9th of August in 1949, which was a Tuesday. For those readers interested in all things astrological, that makes him a Leo, which is one of the Fire signs.

Jonathan was born in New York City, which is home to over eight million people and is in New York, a state on the Eastern seaboard of the United States of America. His father, David, worked as an aerospace engineer while his mother, Sylvia, was a dancer and office manager. While he was born in New York City, he only spent part of his childhood there, during which time he attended Yeshiva of Central Queens, a school in the neighborhood of Flushing, which is in the borough of Queens (New York City has five boroughs).

From Queens, the family flew right across to the far side of the country and set up home in Los Angeles, California. Furthering his education, Jonathan studied psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles (commonly known of as UCLA), which is a large university with a student body of around 45,000. To pay for his college years, he made money as a cartoonist, illustrator, journalist, and editor. He even turned his hand to teaching guitar (which goes a long way to explaining two of his later choices for nonfiction works – With Strings Attached and The Strat in the Attic.)

It was while in college that he started writing. And a fine job he did of it too, because he won…

To continue reading, get the full 1000-word biography in Jonathan Kellerman Books In Order.

If you love Jonathan Kellerman’s books you need the most comprehensive book list available, which includes a check list, alternative titles, page counts, movie adaptations, co-authors, star ratings, and a host of other features, plus:

  • Alex Delaware series in order
  • Alex Delaware graphic novels in order
  • Petra Connor books in order
  • Jacob Lev books in order
  • a complete list of short stories, standalone novels & nonfiction

Get Jonathan Kellerman Books In Order.

Why Read the Jonathan Kellerman Alex Delaware Series in Order?

Another born and bred New Yorker like Don Winslow, Jonathan Kellerman writes the Petra Connor series and the Jacob Lev books, but it's his Alex Delaware books for which he's most famous. With no less than 33 in the series (at the time of writing), plus a number of graphic novels, the series goes from strength to strength.

This Jonathan Kellerman book list gives all the Jonathan Kellerman books in chronological order, so lets you see the characters develop and witness events at the correct time, just as Jonathan intended.

So, if you've ever wanted the Jonathan Kellerman book order, or to read the Alex Delaware novels in order, here's everything you need.


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